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rENT A CAR niš

The best rent a car agency in Niš! Always up-to-date discounts, a rich fleet of vehicles, a wide range of additional equipment, and the best prices - everything you've ever asked from a rental car agency!

Our Vehicles

rENT A CAR niš

The best rent a car agency in Niš! Always up-to-date discounts, a rich fleet of vehicles, a wide range of additional equipment, and the best prices - everything you've ever asked from a rental car agency!

Our Vehicles

Our vehicles are in perfect condition! The latest models of world brands are here just for you.

With every rental, you get car insurance which is included in price.

Unlimited mileage! Enjoy the rides and the beauties that surround you.


Efex Rent A Car - security and reliability sinonim!

Guaranteed best rental car deal at the best prices and rental conditions!

Want to rent a car at the best and best prices and conditions? Don't want to be overwhelmed with paperwork and burdened with miles? Efex Rent A Car Niš is then the only right choice for you!

Planning a family trip and needing a comfortable and reliable car, or maybe you're looking for a smaller vehicle that will allow you to get rid of headaches about parking and huge city crowds, and maybe a more up-to-date luxury car? In the fleet of our rent a car agency you can rent all kinds of cars: from practical economy to premium luxury cars at the best prices!

We offer a wide range of additional equipment that will make your trip a real pleasure. If you have additional requirements and needs of any kind, we are here not only to fulfill them, but to do it in the best way possible - that is why we are the best rent a car in Niš!

Efex Rent A Car Niš is not only a car rental agency, but a reliable partner for every mile you go!

The safety of you and your family always comes first for us! All the cars in our fleet have passed all the safety checks and tests with the best possible score! It is up to you to choose the one car that suits your needs and indulge in the magic of discovering the beauty of new landscapes and creating unforgettable memories with our rent a car Niš.

Take a ride and enjoy every moment of your journey - because you deserve it! Book one of our vehicles right away.

Our Vehicles

We have made every effort to always be near you and available at all times. That is why the smiling faces of Exef Rent A Car Niš office employees will accompany you and greet you from your travels at the "Constantin the Great" Airport in Niš. We wanted to almost always be there for you, which is why our office on the incoming terminal is open 07-24h. Are you tired after a busy flight and all you want is the warmth and comfort of your home? Rent a car in Niš can be a very stressful and unwanted experience for many, but this is not the case with us! We have made sure that our rent a car Niš Airport office with the least possible waiting and paperwork fulfills your wishes and makes this experience pleasant and stress-free! With us you will always want to come back and start a new journey with us by your side!

Our experience works in your favour

Tired of tedious and tedious procedures when renting and returning a vehicle? All you want is to find the vehicle and enjoy the ride without thinking about the hidden costs of returning it?
- You're in the right place! Efex Rent A Car is here to relieve you of all extra worries and allow you to enjoy every second of your trip. The basic idea and mission of our agency are to provide our clients with support and safety at every kilometre covered in the chosen vehicle. Since 2014, we have been trying to keep our service in line with our mission and thus stand out from the competition. Our clients who have been choosing Efex Rent A Car Niš and vehicles for years are the best advertisement and confirmation that we are on the right path to achieving our goal.
Get used to the fact that you and your needs are our number one priority we tailor the return of the car to your measurements and needs and additionally relieve you of thoughts and planning. You can return all the vehicles you rented from us in any branch office we own. It does not have to be the one where you picked up the vehicle. If you cannot return the vehicle at the stand of our rent a car airport branch in Niš, you only need to emphasize that when booking, and our branch at the airport in Belgrade will be waiting for you. We are here for you and you!


Efex Rent A Car in Niš offers over 30 different cars of the latest generation in its fleet, so you will surely find a car that will fit your needs! Should this wide range of people confuse you with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, they will be there to help you make the choice you won't regret. Our experience works for you! Our staff monitors and listens to your needs and tailor our vehicle offer to suit them - Your satisfaction is our biggest reward! In addition to cars, we have a wide variety of additionall equipment that will make your trip even more enjoyable. All this at the best prices, which includes a car insurance so you can safely sit back in the seat of your chosen vehicle and enjoy your trip!


Your satisfaction is one of our priorities so you can always count on us for some special seasonal and discounts on certain car models from our extensive range - it's up to you to choose a vehicle and with unlimited mileage that applies to every one of our offers and create new ones memories! The richest offer of cars and additional equipment, comprehensive premium insurance, transparent rental terms, the lowest possible deposit, fast and efficient service, experienced, friendly and knowledgeable staff, all at the lowest prices - acts as a dream but a dream come true with EFEX RENT A CAR NIŠ!


why YOU SHOULD choose efex?


With always current seasonal and discounts on certain models, we guarantee you the lowest price of a rental car in Niš!


The safety of you and your loved ones comes first. That is why all our vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance!


Your trust is extremely important to us! Because of this, we have made every effort to keep all our contracts and terms clear and with no small queues and hidden costs.


We have made every effort to determine the lowest possible deposit to all of the car models in our fleet. Which you can pay in cash or payment cards at our branches, the choice is yours.


Years of experience in working with clients has allowed us to penetrate into the depth of your needs and provide you the best service. Put yourself in the hands of professionals and drive carelessly!


Efex Rent a Car strives to keep you up to date with the latest trends in the automotive industry and keep up with them! The average age of the vehicles in our offer is only 2 years, all vehicles have passed safety checks!

Adventure is waiting for you!

Don't wait - book your car now and start the ride of your lifetime with EFEX rent a car. We're the best partner to create unforgettable memories!